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Campbell Elementary

Campbell Elementary

Campbell Elementary in Austin, Texas, is a top-rated institution that stands out for its exceptional academic programs, dedicated teachers, and welcoming community. As one of the most sought-after schools in the area, it has gained a reputation for offering a diverse range of learning opportunities that cater to the individual needs and interests of each student. With a focus on fostering a love of learning, Campbell Elementary provides a stimulating and supportive environment that encourages students to reach their full potential.

Brief History

Campbell Elementary School is a public school located in Austin, Texas, serving grades pre-kindergarten through 5th grade. The school previously opened its doors in 1964 and was named after Ola Mae Campbell, a long-term teacher in the Austin Independent School District. Throughout the long term, the school has gone through a few redesigns and developments to accommodate the growing student body. In 2011, Campbell Elementary was perceived as a National Blue Ribbon School, a prestigious honor given to schools that show academic greatness and improvement. Today, Campbell Elementary continues to focus on academic achievement and gives a strong learning environment to its students.

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How to get to Campbell Elementary

  • From downtown Austin, take southbound I-35.
  • Take exit 232 towards Woodward St. /St. Elmo Rd.
  • Take a left on East St. Elmo Rd.
  • Turn right on South Congress Ave.
  • Turn right onto Kellam Rd. and arrive at Campbell Elementary.

Academic Programs

Campbell Elementary offers a rigorous academic program that focuses on building strong foundational skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. The school uses a variety of instructional strategies and materials to engage students and promote academic growth. Some of the academic programs offered at Campbell Elementary include:

  • Reading and Writing. The school uses a balanced literacy approach to teach reading and writing. Students learn to read by using a combination of phonics, sight words, and comprehension strategies. Writing instruction includes the writing process, grammar, and mechanics.
  • Mathematics The school uses a hands-on approach to teaching mathematics. Students learn concepts through the use of manipulatives, real-life problem-solving situations, and games.
  • Science and Social Studies The school provides a comprehensive science and social studies curriculum that includes hands-on experiments, projects, and field trips.
Campbell Elementary

Special Programs

In addition to its academic programs, Campbell Elementary also offers a variety of special programs to support the needs of its diverse student population. These programs include:

  • Special Education

The school provides specialized instruction and services to students with disabilities. Services include individualized instruction, accommodations, and support services.

  • English Language Learners

The school provides English language instruction to students who are not proficient in English. Students receive individualized instruction and support to help them develop their English language skills.

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  • Gifted and Talented

The school provides specialized instruction and enrichment opportunities for students who have been identified as gifted and talented. These students receive advanced instruction in reading, writing, mathematics, and science.

Extracurricular Activities

Campbell Elementary offers a variety of extracurricular activities that allow students to explore their interests and develop their talents outside of the classroom. These activities include:

  • Sports

The school offers a variety of sports teams, including basketball, soccer, and volleyball. These teams compete against other schools in the area.

  • Clubs

The school offers a variety of clubs, including the chess club, art club, and robotics club. These clubs meet before or after school and allow students to explore their interests.

  • Music and Drama

The school offers a music and drama program that includes choir, band, and drama productions. Students have the opportunity to perform in front of audiences and develop their musical and theatrical talents.

Community Involvement

Campbell Elementary is committed to building strong partnerships with the community to support student learning and success. The school actively engages families and community members through a variety of programs and initiatives, including:

  • Parent-Teacher Association

The school has an active Parent-Teacher Association that supports the school through fundraising, volunteerism, and advocacy.

  • Volunteer Program

The school welcomes volunteers from the community to support classroom instruction, special events, and extracurricular activities.

  • Community Partnerships

The school partners with local businesses and organizations to provide resources and support for students and families.

Facilities and Resources

Campbell Elementary is housed in a modern facility that provides a safe and secure learning environment for students. The school has a variety of resources to support student learning, including:

  • Library

The school has a fully stocked library that provides students with access to a wide range of books, magazines, and online resources.

  • Technology

The school has a computer lab and a variety of technology resources to support student learning.

  • Outdoor Spaces

The school has a large playground, basketball court, and outdoor learning spaces that allow students to learn and play in a safe and engaging environment.

Important Information About Campbell Elementary

  • Address: 2613 Rogers Ave, Austin, TX 78722, United States
  • Working Hours: Monday-Friday 8 AM–4 PM, Saturday-Sunday Closed
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: +15124142056