GALF Austin


At Gottfried Alexander Law Firm, we collectively have over 52 years of experience handling construction disputes and construction litigation in Austin as well as surrounding areas. We represent individuals and businesses in many areas of residential and commercial construction, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Homeowners and builders in disputes relating to residential construction;
  • Businesses, real estate investors, and builders in disputes related to commercial construction; and
  • Homeowners, businesses, builders, contractors, and subcontractors in disputes related to collections or non-payment.

We also handle the follow services related to residential and commercial construction:

  • Review of construction contracts;
  • Filing and removal of mechanic’s liens.

Residential Construction Law

Gottfried Alexander Law Firm is proud to offer you a wide range of services related to constructing that one dream home or townhouse. Regardless if it’s single-family homes, high-rise condominiums, or townhouses, we are here for you!

The Gottfried Alexander Law Firm provides legal counsel relating specifically to personal construction projects involving residences like single-family houses, condos, and detached housing complexes. The Texas Property Code has specific rules which must be followed when building anything from an individual dwelling unit (IDU) up through large commercial buildings.