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General Business Representation

Gottfried Alexander Law Firm is a sought-after legal powerhouse in the realm of business dissolution. The firm handles disputes between different businesses and also helps decide how to divide up companies when they are dissolved. 

A common issue that arises during these cases is knowing which party controls what parts of the company once it dissolves. This can be determined by sorting through all operation contracts advice and agreements made before going into litigation or looking for out-of-court resolutions on behalf of both parties involved with Gottfried Alexander services.

We are qualified to maintain your legal interests and have experience of many years.

The team at Gottfried Alexander Law Firm is confident in asserting all the necessary avenues for protection with consistency across Austin, TX., which has allowed us to achieve success through a variety of cases like yours.

Consultation Regarding Your Business Litigation

The Gottfried Alexander attorneys in Austin, TX can help you with any business entity formation and settle any business litigation disputes with ease. Our deep understanding of each issue will have your case resolved in the most appropriate way possible, and our lawyers are experienced trial attorneys who will be there for you every step of the way!

For professional advice or representation during proceedings concerning your company’s interests, we’re here to help. If a litigant needs an attorney that specializes in resolving complex issues such as these cases, you can always count on us.

Let us help you avoid the time-consuming stress of going through court proceedings and get what you deserve.

Texas Business Defense Attorneys

Your business is your livelihood, and it should be protected. Gottfried Alexander Law Firm has the experience to effectively represent you with all types of complex litigation matters in Austin. 

Our main goal is to protect your interests while still representing you well through our legal services, such as handling any disputes that may arise from a contract or other legally binding document, whether we draft them ourselves or not. 

Let our team of lawyers handle your contract dispute today. We are equipped to negotiate for you and can work out any issue in or outside the courtroom.

Effective Representation For Lawsuits And Disputes

Our business litigators will help you get the most out of your claim or defense. If your company is involved as plaintiff, defendant, petitioner respondent, or party to an appeal, our experienced and capable lawyers at Gottfried Alexander Law Firm are here for you. No matter what legal area in Austin it involves, we have got that covered with reasonable rates!   

  • Insurance litigation      
  • Contract disputes        
  • Business torts        
  • Shareholder claims and tenant disputes
  • Business law         
  • Construction litigation        
  • Environmental litigation

How to Avoid Inter-Ownership Disputes

Disputes among owners can turn into more significant conflicts and lead to trials due to financial interests, business needs, and viability. You must avoid these at all costs – even when sometimes it may be impossible! We resolve these issues quickly for you so that you can run your company smoothly.

Legal wrangling and voluntary buyouts are two legal solutions that will lead to business dissolution. Clients should seek out Austin, Texas-based legal counsel services for help in ensuring they do not lose their production or relationship with other owners when a sudden exit is needed.

An outside court settlement can be an affordable option because it won’t affect your company’s productivity; you’ll get the assistance of someone who wants to see both parties win!

As a law firm, Gottfried Alexander Law Firm knows that people’s lives at stake when they come to us. We will ensure you are treated with dignity and respect while making the process as easy for you as possible, so it doesn’t have to be such an emotional burden. Since all of our law firm in Austin are masters in their field, no matter what your issue is – business or personal- there will always be someone who has faced something similar before and can provide help right away.

Building a Long-Term Relationship with Your Business

Building relationships is an essential part of any business. That’s why we need to make sure that our clients know they can count on us as their legal counsel for years to come, no matter what challenges arise in the future.  

We prioritize building long-term relationships and will do whatever it takes (from negotiating disputes out of court or representing you at trial), so your company stays protected from all threats while continuing its growth trajectory into the future!

Our Firm Handles All Types of Contract Disputes

Wondering how to handle a legal dispute? The Gottfried Alexander Law Firm has you covered. We’re an influential defense lawyer in Austin, Texas, specializing in comprehensive services and representation for your business’s needs. 

Whether it be cost-effective outside court solutions or pursuing justice relentlessly when inside the courtroom is necessary, our attorneys will always ensure that you get appropriately compensated! Call us today for a free consultation of any nature – we’ll answer all questions promptly and professionally. 

Our firm has the most tenacious and skilled lawyers ready to take their time to get you results. They pursue a prudent course of action with experience and network in industries and other legal specializations.

Our attorneys’ services for companies focus on several areas such as:

Business Defense

Business defense is an integral part of all businesses. It is an essential element in the success or failure of your business. Without it, you will likely be overwhelmed by outside influences, making it harder to work and potentially causing your business to come to a grinding halt.

We defend companies, executives, and officers when they face embezzlement, fraud, tortious interference, and other business law issues.     

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation can be tricky without proper guidance. It is essential to understand what mistakes could lead to costly issues down the line, and that’s where our commercial litigators come in! We have experience with a variety of legal problems, including breach-of-contract disputes as well as fraud cases. 

Contact our Austin Business Litigation Lawyers

We understand the stakes with business law attorneys’ practices in Texas. Enjoy the best service from an ethical and professional business lawyer. 

We operate with both big and small businesses in Austin, TX, without bias. Contact us today for a  consultation. You can call or fill out the contact form to find out more.