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Home Owners Association

Many new housing developments have a homeowners association that is supposed to work for you. Homeowners can sue their HOA representative whenever they feel like there are problems not being attended to, but many don’t realize who controls the board of directors until it’s too late.

Gottfried Alexander Law Firm real estate attorneys have helped pass laws protecting homes from unfair treatment by HOAs in some cases as well, making sure any homeowner has fair access to an attorney if needed.

We represent HOA board members, management companies, condominium associations, and developers. We are proud to have helped many clients with disputes related to dues or violations in construction defects. 

Gottfried Alexander specializes in resolving unfair regulations imposed by communities on homeownership projects and annual reports for the community association, including misuse of funds within a community’s boundaries.

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You must retain a lawyer for your real estate transaction. Gottfried Alexander Law Firm has both residential and commercial attorneys. We have experienced associate lawyers who handle cases in real estate, including the purchase or sale of condominiums, as well as conducting title searches to protect your interests – all to make sure that you are protected from any potential legal issues throughout the process!

You might be considering getting into a large-scale property venture but aren’t sure where to start? That’s okay because we’re here at Gottfried Alexander Law Firm; our team is comprised solely of professionals who specialize in assisting people just like you get started on their new endeavor without worry!

Our lawyers will help you with all the required documentation, including calculating the land tax and conducting title searches and other related searches related to your property.

Austin, TX Homeowners Association Lawyers, and Law Firm

We enforce restrictive covenants to solve Complex cases for our clients in the community. We craft and implement area boundaries and enhancement. Our attorney will offer relevant information necessary in suing procedures as per the legal restrictions in Texas.

Our services are designed to help people deal with complex legal issues such as contract disagreements, mediation, and lawsuits. For any additional information,  contact us today Or leave your message on our website. Our support system is available 24/7. You can also visit our offices in Texas.

Have you got a complex legal issue? We’re here for you. With our expert team of attorneys, we’ll craft area boundaries and enhancements that will keep your property safe.

We enforce restrictive covenants to help people in the community. Our attorneys craft and implement area boundaries for clients and offer relevant information on legal restrictions in Texas. Contact us today if you’re interested, or leave your message with our website support system!