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Operation Contracts Advice

Business agreements are done through contracts; if the parties have a problem, the contract should stipulate how to solve the dispute. There are legal steps you must take to ensure your interests remain protected. Seek guidance from an attorney who can explain your rights and protect your interests.

Seeking an Alternative Dispute Resolution(ADR) mechanism is a great starting point when resolving business disputes. ADR techniques range from the most informal negotiations between the parties themselves through increasing formalities from external sources to litigation.

Agreements and contracts are the fabric of any successful business. All courts of law, especially texas courts, take breach of contract cases very seriously. The court expects that parties involved in a contract honor their duties. 

Whenever you sign a contract, be sure to read the terms and conditions. If you need help understanding more about contract drafting and litigation, please contact our attorney for appropriate advice.

Operation contract lawyer Austin Texas

At Gottfried Alexander Law Firm, we handle various business transactional matters and contract agreement matters. On the transactional side, we handle everything from the formation of the business to the shareholder agreements.

On the litigation side, we handle everything from shareholder disputes, partner disputes, enforcement of covenants not to compete, and breach of contract cases. It is crucial to have even the most simple contracts reviewed by an attorney to identify possible areas that could lead to a dispute.

A minor issue that may have been overlooked when creating the contract can become a big problem and lead to lengthy litigation and high legal costs. A business owner should include a contract lawyer to help prevent an issue such as a contractual dispute from arising in the first place.

At Gottfried Alexander Law Firm, we have attorneys with a comprehensive scope in dealing with issues related to contract signing, contract breach, and dispute. Our attorney provides guidance and represents you in the court of law while you focus on your business.

Discuss Your Contract Dispute With A Business Attorney

There are many ways in which disputes from the contract may arise. For example, a  supplier may offer spoiled goods or provide services that do not meet the contract’s expectations. Then disputes will arise.  

Our business attorney will have a phone or in-person conversation with you to explain possible actions to take and outcomes. We also listen to your concerns and answer any questions regarding the dispute that you might have.

What Does a Contract Lawyer Do?

Here at Gottfried Alexander Law Firm,  we draft and litigate contracts for individuals and businesses. Our contract lawyers will be by your side throughout the contract drafting process, negotiations and litigation.

It is crucial to seek proper legal advice from a lawyer because they will alert you to many potential issues, including the unexpected death of a shareholder. Involving a lawyer in the making of a contract will help you iron out these issues.

When a disagreement arises, our attorney negotiates with the parties to achieve a resolution within a short time and save the cost of lawsuits.

Business Contract Disputes Litigation

When an agreement or contract is drafted by a professional, there is little likelihood of a dispute. In case of a dispute, the contract will provide a clear and agreed-upon process to resolve the dispute.

When there is a contract breach, a dispute is likely to arise. Our Austin, Texas contract disputes lawyers have experience in contract dispute litigation.  We will guarantee you a fair proceeding.

Can Non-lawyers Write Contracts?

It is not only lawyers who can write professional, legally binding contracts. With the popularity of online tools for  Do It Yourself contracts, more and more people create contracts without lawyers.

There’s no doubt in my mind that legal advice and guidance are crucial. Seeking proper legal advice will alert you to many potential issues. Search for  Gottfried Alexander law firm  Austin super lawyers to help in contract drafting and litigation.   

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