GALF Austin

Real Estate

At Gottfried Alexander Law Firm, we collectively have over 52 years of experience handling real estate disputes and litigation in Austin as well as surrounding areas. We represent individuals and businesses in many areas of residential and commercial real estate, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Homeowners, real estate agents, builders, and real estate investors in disputes relating to claims for breach of contract, failure to disclose defects, negligence and fraud;
  • Commercial and residential landlords and tenants in lease disputes;
  • Homeowners and individual unit owners in disputes relating to home owner’s associations;
  • Property owners in boundary and/or title disputes;
  • Property owners in disputes relating to short-term rentals; and
  • Foreclosures on behalf of lenders.

We also offer services relating to real estate transactions, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Review of real estate purchase documents;
  • Review of construction contracts;
  • Review of residential and commercial leases;
  • Review of real estate closing documents; and
  • Drafting of deeds and financing documents.

Small Firm Attention, Big Firm Results.

If you are looking for an experienced legal team to handle your real estate dispute, the snapshot of our track record in real estate disputes below speaks for itself:

  • We successfully defended an adverse possession case regarding two properties in the Zilker area of Austin and obtained a judgment for attorney’s fees for approximately $80,000.00.
  • We successfully defended a breach of deed restriction case brought by property owners in the neighborhood against our short-term rental client and obtained a judgment for attorney’s fees against the Plaintiffs for approximately $33,000.00.
  • We defended two real estate agents and their respective brokers in a lawsuit filed by homebuyers who alleged deceptive trade practices and fraud in the sale of residential real estate.  The claims surrounded alleged failures to disclose material facts relating to the home.
  • In a case regarding an allegation of square footage misrepresentation, we defeated all of the Plaintiffs’ claims, and obtained a judgment for $157,000 in attorneys’ fees against the Plaintiff as the prevailing party.
  • We defended a homeowner against a very large homeowners’ association who filed suit to enjoin the homeowner from using his home for short-term rentals.
  • We prevailed at a jury trial regarding our client’s right to short-term rent his property and obtained a judgment against a homeowner’s association for $40,000 of the homeowner’s attorneys’ fees.
  • We represented a retail condominium owner in lawsuit against condominium association for wrongful denial of owner’s right to lease his unit to an alcohol package store.
  • We obtained a final judgment in favor of our real estate client on all issues, plus the award of all attorneys’ fees incurred in less than 60 days from the date of filing.

We work hard for our clients so they can get back to doing what they do best.