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Entity Formation

Austin business owners have a lot on their plate: they need to ensure that the company is compliant with state and federal regulations and adhere to changing industry standards for best practices in accounting and tax preparation. 

But there’s one task you might not be thinking about—registering your legal entity! Are you looking for an experienced law firm that will help establish all of these crucial matters quickly? Check out Gottfried Alexander Law Firm today!

Gottfried Alexander Law Firm is the law firm of choice for an attractive corporate structure planning and business entity formation. If you’re looking for a law firm that can help you legally register your formal business structure, then we’d love to chat. 

We have plenty of experience with businesses here in Austin, Texas. We’ve helped many companies make it work and achieve success. Whether you’re starting a business or looking to buy one, or even if you want to merge two, we’ll give your company the best chance for success!

Starting a Business in Texas

Our company is staffed with legal professionals who can advise any business through entity startups, mergers, and acquisitions. We also offer a wide variety of contracts to suit your needs no matter what the situation maybe!

Our top business formation lawyers help in the creation of:    

  • Limited liability company (LLC)      
  • Limited liability partnership (LLP)      
  • Business succession      
  • Merger and acquisitions      
  • Limited partnership (LP)      
  • Professional corporations (PC)        
  • Family limited partnership (FLP)        
  • Professional limited liability companies

How do I get a certificate of formation in Texas?

Getting a certificate of formation issued in Texas is the first step to starting an entity. This usually includes getting your documents notarized and filed at the secretary’s office, which typically means going into their offices with your papers already filled out before paying them for services rendered. 

The best part? You get professional assistance from our certified lawyer firm in Austin who know all about incorporation when choosing what type of business organization will work well for each company. After selecting the entity, we will help in reviewing, drafting operations, and putting structural documents.   

Legal Entity Selection

The legal entity you choose can have a significant impact on your business. That’s why it is crucial to select the type that best fits what your company needs and wants, with personal liability protection in mind from beginning to end. Trust our team of experts for all matters concerning this important decision!


The process of entity formation and business organization growth can be an exciting time for companies. However, the excitement can be clouded by paperwork. We have specialized and experienced staff ready to take care of that kind of work from start to finish!

Our attorneys will assist you in registering your company with the state’s offices. They will also help you complete all necessary legal agreements, so we make sure everything is up-to-date according to Texas law requirements – without cutting any corners or compromising on quality services like filing part registrations.

Incorporation of Documents

The incorporation of a company is one of the most important decisions that any entrepreneur can make. The formation and existence of your business legally require meticulous analysis, which can be contested by others who have compelling claims to your enterprise’s name or identity. 

This process usually involves hiring trademark attorneys with legal expertise in these matters; they are trained not only o protect you from potential lawsuits best and help maintain ownership over trademarks for all future endeavors.

Limited Liability Company

The limited liability company is a business entity that offers its owners protection from the debts and claims of creditors. This type of structure has been growing in popularity due to how simple it makes things for small businesses who want to establish themselves as credible entities before they’re ready for employees or even partners. 

The LLC creates an informational tax, like partnerships do, which means your assets are protected within this legal framework. This is so you can separate them without risking anything else on your behalf by not declaring yourself self-employed instead with all the benefits such as health insurance coverage provided through employers’ policies.

How much does it cost to form an LLC in Texas?

Are you thinking about forming an LLC but wonder about the average price for forming an LLC in Texas? Formation costs can vary significantly from one entity formation service provider or Texas lawyer to another.

The entity owners, like the members, share their profits or losses as per the franchise tax returns. Seek counsel before you venture into it. You will also get advice on the planning of personal assets for the intellectual property of a new entity.

Texas Business Organizations Code

The (BOC) grants Austin, TX inhabitants the right to choose the proper entity to control their assets and liabilities.  It ensures that corporations and LLCs work under the legal umbrella. The BOC also protects against unfair contracts between one entity and another.

For more detailed information, please consult our business attorney in your jurisdiction before forming an entity. The Texas business organizations’ codes are now one single code as per the new laws. They include:      

  • Texas Revised Partnership Act              
  • Texas Revised Limited Partnership Act        
  • Texas Professional Association Act        
  • Texas Real Estate Investment Trust Act        
  • Texas Cooperative Association Act        
  • Texas Businesses Corporation Act        
  • Texas Nonprofit Corporations Act        
  • Texas Professional Corporation Act        
  • Texas Professional Association Act        
  • Texas Miscellaneous Corporation Laws Act        
  • Texas Limited Liability Company Act               
  • Texas Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act

These are the new statutes that govern the BOC for all entities. Our lawyers will ensure you can assess all the information you need on legal matters.

Limited Liability Partnership

A limited liability partnership is a business entity that has to be filed with the state for recognition. If they do business in another state, then they would have to register there too. The continuity of this company can also change based on what’s written in their agreement. 

Generally speaking, if one partner leaves the group, it could lead to dissolution. Still, most states don’t allow this and instead give other partners power over reconstituting them or dissolving altogether depending on each situation.

A partner leaving can be due to one partner exercising his or her right to leave. Still, it also can occur from something that neither partner was responsible for, like a lawsuit. 

Each limited partner has control over the business, and each of them is an owner of the company. Our lawyers will help you organize the relevant documents for the appropriate entity.

Business Entity

A business entity refers to the name of a legal company registered in conjunction with another state-level identity. Registering your business will provide protection for its activities and finances, but it can be tricky to navigate without an attorney’s help. 

Get our attorneys to help you through the process of formalizing your business without the hassle. Contact us today for a free consultation. We operate with both big and small business firms in Austin, Texas.